The Ugly Princess

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About the Book

The Ugly Princess introduces us to Katsu, a Japanese princess who has been controlled by her father her entire life. He intends to keep her safe—but she has other plans.

Leaving after he has an arranged marriage set for her, she goes on a journey to prove the man she is set to marry is not right for her. The only question left is: Will she defeat him?

About the Author

Summer-Rae Blantz has always lived in Florida, growing up on southern hospitality and God's word. Living with four siblings and both of her parents, she felt like she had a great life, then realized the only thing that could make it better was making stories. She would tell her younger siblings stories and even children at church. Always having a big imagination, Summer-Rae decided to put that into words, so she began her writing journey.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 64