The Trials And Tribulations Of Henry C.: (The 'C' Is For Cool)

By Kelpia Simmons
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The Trials and Tribulations of Henry C. (The 'C' Is for Cool)

About the Book

His name is Henry C. and the C stands for… well, he can tell you himself. Oh, and he will tell you. Henry C. is a cat who is not at all happy with the way he is being treated and he’s never shy about letting everyone know how difficult his life is. Maybe if Henry took a breath and looked more closely at his situation, he’d see it in a different, more positive light. Follow his account in The Trials and Tribulations of Henry C., then make up your own mind if Henry’s complaints are valid.

About the Author

Kelpia Simmons is a Christian mother of four who resides in Grunoy, Virginia. Although she has previously had two of her poems published, this is her first full book, which is a dream come true.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 72