The Tree That Talks To Me

By Marjory Morrison
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About the Book

Author Marjory Morrison dedicates this book to all of the children of this world, especially in this time of confusion. She hopes that this story will give them hope to know that they can trust, believe in their dreams, and their voices can be heard.

About the Author

Marjory Morrison has a passion for kids to have a firm foundation so that they can have good morals and a desire to continue reading. She loves our Creator and is in awe of how nature is a part of His beauty.

She is a professional photographer who loves nature and gardening. She worked in the school system for several years, encouraging all of her students to follow their dreams. She has been married to an amazing man for over forty years, and together they have rescued many animals and adopted several of them.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Lawson
Rating The Tree that Talks to Me by Marjory Morrison

The Tree that Talks to Me by Marjory Morrison is one of the highest quality children's books I've ever read. It's written so that children can easily understand it. As a matter of fact it's written so well that both children and adults alike can enjoy and appreciate it. I highly recommend this book.

Janice Tidwell
Great Book

I loved the way the book expressed nature and imagination with a child’s perspective, almost poetically.

MaryAnne Lindskog Friend

Great book for kids. For when children are lonely and need a secure place to express themselves.

Great Book

This is a simple reading for innocent minds. I recommend that everyone read it!

Cute story

This book will uplift your spirit. It has such a nice message for kids of all ages.