The Tragic Memories

By Hien Thuy Dinh
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The Tragic Memories is a painful reminiscence of one of the most trying times in the life of Hien Thuy Dinh as a victim of the Vietnam War.

The war that erupted between South Vietnam and the Communists has forever marred the hearts of many, including millions who lost their loved ones. Thirty-five years have passed, but Hien can still recall the tumultuous events in the fall of Vietnam. At that time, she feared most for her husbands life in the military. She longed to hold him and be secured in his arms, but all she could do was weep and pray.

Due to the severity of the situation, she and her family were compelled to flee Vietnam and take refuge in America. As they started a new life in a new country, Hiens thoughts still wandered to her husband.

The Tragic Memories appeals to readers interested in real-life stories of individuals who survived the torments of the Vietnam War.

About the Author

A resident of Louisiana, Hien Thuy Dinh is a native of Vietnam, and she has seven children. She has also authored several works in Vietnamese.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 122