The Tiny Tin Box

By Joyce Haskell
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After the loss of his kingdom and best friend Josie, Edison is on a journey to resolve his feelings of sadness. What will it take to pull him through?

The Tiny Tin Box walks the reader through the basic steps one may take in trying to resolve feelings of sadness and loss through the eyes of a mouse, a fictional character, rather than a human. By doing so, the reader, including children, can identify with what the mouse is experiencing.

About the Author

Joyce Haskell, ACBSW, was born in Buffalo, NY, the oldest of seven children. Her dad was a member of the US Army for over 24 years, so she traveled internationally often. A graduate of Daemen College in Amherst, NY, Haskell has a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

Haskell’s first position as a BSW was working with handicapped children. For many years, she also worked as a physical education teacher, fueled by her love of sports and coaching. Haskell later switched gears to working with the elderly. While working at her first retirement home, she created the “Death with Dignity” program, ensuring that those who had no one else were not alone while dying. She spent over 25 years in geriatrics before retiring.

Now retired, Haskell remains, and has always been, involved with the community, serving on several boards in various positions. Currently, she is a member of the Steering Committee and a volunteer for the Williamsville Lehigh Valley Depot (WNYRHS). She enjoys camping and tennis, as well as writing essays, short stories, and poems, which she’s used as a means of reacting to or resolving an issue in her own life.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 48