The Threat From Within

By Gilbert Lewis
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The ISIS high command is angry that the hostage operation has failed. They conclude that their main obstacle is the MI6 operative, Estella “Rose” Mathews. Rose and a combined team of British and French Special Forces successfully rescued the six hostages from England, France, and the United States.

After the hostages were successfully rescued, ISIS now plans an attack using their western fighters. Again, these attacks are prevented by western intelligence agencies. ISIS has now moved its attack to the America Homefront. MI6 assigns Rose to the CIA. The CIA, in turn, assigned Rose to work covertly with the American company White Mountain Analytics (WMA).

ISIS develops a fool-proof-plan to kill Rose. They have posted a “kill contract” on the darknet to assassinate Rose. The posting of the “kill contract” is answered by Adolf Wolfgang (Wolf) Schneider. Wolf was in the Marines and was given a dishonorable discharge. He blames his being booted from the Marines on a black captain. Wolf grew up in Kentucky with a father who blamed all of his failures on the “blacks.” Wolf grew up in an environment of “White Supremacy” thus, him being booted from the Marines only strengthen his hatred for Negros, slant eyes and beaners. Upon being booted from the Marines, Wolf found his way to KKK camps in Montana and Tennessee. Within two years he was the top dog. The KKK camp sells drugs brought in illegally from Mexico. Wolf quickly spreads the KKK enterprise to gun running and prostitution. Wolf’s expertise is “sniper” kills. His motto is “One Shot, One Kill.” He learned the trade in the Marines.

When Wolf answered the post to kill Rose, he already had completed kills on mafia rats, crooked politicians, and police officers who have not honored their contract to the mafia. So far, he finds it easy money. Each kill brings in an average of $100K. Wolf checks on the darknet monthly for easy kills. His contract to kill Rose is $600K.

The story unfolds as Rose is tipped off that there is a kill contract on her life. Rose and members of WMA determine that the assassin is a member of a White Nationalist camp in Tennessee. The WMA team discovers that the camp is involved in illicit drugs, opioids, gun-running, and forced prostitution. When the prostitutes are no longer needed, they use them in snuff movies. Rose and her team of experienced special operations personnel and the FBI engage in a long siege. As the siege continues, President Trout in his rallies is bad-mouthing the FBI. The crowd surrounding the White Nationalist camp is turning against Rose and the FBI. They must quickly and carefully attack and turn the general public against the tide of support for these domestic terrorists.

About the Author

Gilbert Lewis is a degreed Electronic Engineer. He has over thirty years of experience working in the US Intelligence Field. Mr. Lewis completed ten years of field assignments in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Germany. After successful field assignments, Mr. Lewis completed his career working for a three letter Intel agency in Northern Virginia. His primary field of expertise is in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). He is an expert in electronic surveillance, network security and drone technology. Mr. Lewis is now semi-retired and spends his time researching cryptocurrencies, and the securities market. He is an avid reader of techno-terrorism, spy novels, law enforcement and murder mysteries.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 514