The Testimony of the Son of Man and the Beginning of His Millennial Reign on Earth (Volume One)

By Dr. Solomon Udo Solomon
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What comprises the real ministry of Jesus the Christ? If we all believe what has been taught to the world for the past 1900 years, we all should be sleeping with false prophets, and living away from the true teachings of Christ, living the life of lawlessness that the Antichrist, the ruler of the world, wants to bind us with.

In The Testimony of the Son of Man and the Beginning of His Millennial Reign on Earth, ---Solomon Udo Solomon who proclaims himself the Captain of the Called Ones advocates going back to the Ministry of Jesus based on the close practice of what Jesus Himself taught and showed when He walked as flesh on earth.

Challenging mainstream dogma, Solomons work takes to task the ways Christianity has conducted itself throughout since the destruction of Jerusalem and the scattering of the Jews in 70 AD or CA.

About the Author

The second son of the family, Solomon Udo Solomon was born on October 3, 1949. He obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in 1962, West African School Certificate in 1972, a DVM in 1982, and an MBA in 1992. He set up Pillar of Truth Covenant Church in 2002 and started his literary work in 2003. Solomon admits that his work in veterinary medicine has helped him articulate his ideas. He is retired chief veterinary officer in his state. He is married with children.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 356