The Sum Of My Lives

By A. Camosso
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The Sum of My Lives is the semibiographical life story of Luigi Camosso, a man who lived to the ripe old age of eighty-seven. For the span of thirty-odd years, he lived a challenging, exciting, dangerous, and charmed life on more than one continent. During this period, he was on the edge of death countless times. Luigi grew up in a bohemian, unconventional environment. He was drafted into the Italian army twice and spent time in the Italian African campaign. Under Mussolini’s fascist environment, he was committed to a perilous life for the next fifteen years.

This is a story that simply needed to be told. Delve into the fascinating life of a fascinating man.

About the Author

A. Camosso is seventy-eight years old. He has lived a complex, challenging, and gratifying life. His journey so far has taken him to three continents. He has been married these past fifty years to a woman he adores as she adores him. He has also had a successful career in healthcare.

Camosso loved soccer in his youth and, in the early 1950s, he bicycled the city of Torino, Italy, during an intense schooling period. Today he and his wife live north of Seattle, Washington. He loves to landscape, play golf, and travel. He and his wife have been back to Italy, Spain, and France twice. Most of their travel has been yearly visits to the Hawaiian Islands.

Published: 2018
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