The Story Of Jazz And Vihar

By Kathy Guthormsen & Poe the Common Raven
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Poe the Common Raven is anything but common. Taking a page from her namesake, she’s a gifted storyteller and loves
to write her stories down even though she’s blind! Living at The Bird Rescue Center of Sonoma County, she meets lots of
interesting birds and she’s excited to share their stories with you, starting with Jazz and Vihar, two Great Horned Owls.
The Story of Jazz and Vihar is an educational tale sure to delight children and adults alike. Learn the important role
that birds play in our ecology and how to best help them when you find one lost or injured in the wild.
About the Author and Illustrator
Kathy Guthormsen volunteers at The Bird Rescue Center, helping to care for sick and injured birds in the rehab hospital, and working with the resident birds in the raptor center, including Poe, Vihar, and Jazz. Poe inspired Kathy to
write this story. Kathy can easily imagine Poe writing stories at night after the humans have gone home. Kathy’s writing
has been published in The Write Spot: Memories, The Write Spot: Possibilities, The Write Spot: Writing as a Path to Healing, and
The Write Spot: Musings and Ravings From a Pandemic Year. Her blog can be found at

Art fills Karen Phillips’ cells with deep sea adventures and forest walks into colors, textures, and light. Her inspirations
are the movements in nature’s never still life. With camera in hand, her adventures begin to capture moments to paint.
She says in living, friendships chock full of giggles, warmth, and love have made her a better human being. At 70-plus
years, she lives alone in the woods of Oregon with her animal companions. She says she never feels lonely for she has
found her path to peace, balance, and contentment.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 42