“The Secret Of The Mayans” And Other Stories

By Hal Russell
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“The Secret of the Mayans” and Other Stories is a collection of short stories centering around the triumph of the individual through hard work and understanding. Ranging from romance and adventure to mystery, crime, and science fiction, there’s something in this collection for everyone.

About the Author

Hal Russell’s love for writing spans over 43 years and includes a number of short stories and books. Detective and spy novels are his major efforts, though he has also written science fiction and literary novels, and he considers the short story to be his “strong point.”

Russel formerly held a job at the lab of OSU campus, his alma mater, where he majored in chemistry and minored in English. This position paid for his college fees and tuition, as well as bought his writing supplies, his first typewriter (a Smith-Corona 2200 in 1979), and stamps. He still uses a typewriter today. Though he writes primarily in his spare time, Russell has been published twice before. This is his first collection of short stories. He also enjoys reading, primarily magazines and “self-help” books.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 58