The Secret Of Bear Point: A Collection Of Short Stories

By H.M.S. Knight
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The Secret of Bear Point: A Collection of Short Stories

What if there was extraterrestrial life in our very own solar systemsharing an orbit with Earth? What if it made contact?

As a marine biologist, Professor Anne Weston dedicated her existence to the study of life on Earth. Yet it could take a mysterious alien being to show her the true meaning of life.

Recently widowed and coping with the loss of her husband, Anne retreats to Bear Point, she and her husbands favored vacation spot in Maines lake region. While there, Anne makes an alarming discovery, one that sets in motion a series of events that will change the lives of her and everyone around her.

In The Secret of Bear Point, H. M. S. Knight shows that theres more to life on Earth than meets the eye. At once poignant, suspenseful and thought provoking, The Secret of Bear Point examines the true nature of human beings and the mystifying interconnectedness of all living things.

Also included in this tome is a collection of short stories by the author. In her stories, Knight addresses many of the trialsboth humorous and tragicof a long and extraordinary life. After adjusting to a newly liberated yet incredibly chaotic existence in pre and postWorld War II Germany (based on her own life experience), Knights protagonists must cope with the aftermath of war, adapt to cultural differences with Americans, learn important life lessons on both sides of the Atlantic, and even find love.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 190