The Saint Of The Hill

By Luis Zaensi
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About the Book

Something is happening on the Island of Ischia. That’s what Umberto tells Salvatore, one of his best detectives, before their ludicrous nightmare begins.

Don Franco recently settled on the quaint Italian island, buying a tourist complex on the top of a hill, where members of organized crime convene—or so Umberto and Salvatore believe. With no evidence linking Don Franco to any criminal activity, Detective Salvatore stakes out the compound, trying everything to pin the mobster down, only to find himself three steps behind the smiling saint each time.

About the Author

Luis Zaensi was born in Gtmo, Cuba in 1957. He is a retired law enforcement officer who uses his experiences of dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly to create stories that are not far different from real life. Zaensi writes about people, exposing their positive and negative qualities. He does not impose any belief in his stories but leaves it to the reader to make their own judgments.

Zaensi loves traveling with his family to different countries so he can learn about other cultures. In his travels, Zaensi has learned that different people, from different countries, speaking different languages, all share the same problems in life.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 532