The Road To Righteousness

By A. Boaz Helsing, seer
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About the Book

Having had the word of the Lord come to A. Boaz Helsing about the lack of righteousness of His people, the impression to him was to study the book of Romans in a deeper way. The theme of The Road to Righteousness is the difference between righteousness under the law and righteousness by faith. We all need a deeper understanding of the patriarchs and why the seed of Abraham was afflicted four hundred years in a land that was not theirs. The children of God today are being persecuted as the children of Israel were in Egypt. 

About the Author

The Lord called to A. Boaz Helsing in 1976, beginning some delightful changes along the way. At seventy years of age, after three failed marriages, as well as the struggles, he is working through in the fourth marriage. His emotions have sometimes sidetracked him, which are largely the lusts of his flesh, but at least now he has emotions and knows what he feels and why; therefore, he can get back on track again. Now he is the seed of Abraham, walking by faith on the journey of putting off the flesh, to cleanse his temple in preparation of his Lord’s coming.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 76