The River Of Time

By Aida Francis
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The River of Time is a collection of emotionally powerful poetic verses of how time interferes and shapes one’s life. Aida Francis provides a complex portrait of intense emotions experienced throughout a lifetime. She details the warm bonds between people. The expressions of trust, respect, and closeness. The constant reemergence of one who stays within our minds. And the platonic intimacy that develops between close companions. Francis beautifully illustrates a life told through interactions, through connections with people, and the struggles we face as we consider our remaining time on earth.

About the Author

Aida Francis began writing at age ten, and her passion has never stopped. Most of her poetry was written during her college years and is inspired by places she visited over her work experiences throughout the US over a ten-year period. She is also heavily influenced by her emotional reactions to events or situations, motivating her to spontaneous poetic expressions.

Francis lived in Washington state prior to relocating to California, where she has now lived for a number of years. In 2015 she earned her doctoral degree in education. Currently, she is finalizing her second work, a novel.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 264