The Red Door Bookstore And The Big Move. A Series: Feeling And Healing, Musings And New Things

By Erin Heather
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This lighthearted, read aloud story aspires to show young children its okay to feel and express the many different emotions we can all experience during big life events like moving into a new house.

Whether you lived a century ago or in our present time, we all have feelings to embrace and communicate. And with the help of your best friend, a little creativity, and a busy, bustling bookstore—because, here, the bookcases are always whispering, the gold doorknobs like to talk, and monkeys swing from chandeliers—we can all make big life changes a little more comforting and a lot more fun with imagination!

About the Author

By profession, Erin Heather is a Registered Nurse who adores what she does and is an advocate of mental health importance for all ages and doing what we need to do for ourselves to stay healthy. Another of Erin’s great life passions is bookstores, and this story focuses on the role of bookstores to inspire curiosity as well as the emotional wellbeing of children, the importance of self-expression, and the joys of fantasy for the childhood mind.

Erin lives in the Midwest with the other two loves of her life: her husband Peter and young pup Sam. She has traveled extensively and knows what it feels like to move from house to house. You can now usually find her in the garden planting fresh flowers, out discovering new bookstores, or strolling the lake beaches looking for a new adventure—or at least reading about one!

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 46