The Puzzling Case Of The Pleasingly Plump Mouse At Penny's House

By Nancy Bell
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Penny and her family are used to seeing mice in their beautiful two-story house in the farm. And then a mouse comes along, the fattest mouse Penny has ever seen, the one her mother calls the pleasingly plump mouse. It is fat but it doesnt eat cheese. They set traps but it can disappear in a breeze. It is too fat to squeeze into cracks, but it can disappear, and no one will see his tracks.How elusive can fat mouse be?

About the Author

Nancy Bell, former teacher and retired professional fundraiser, lives in Florida with her husband.

About the Illustrator

Catherine McCluer, granddaughter of the author and illustrator, is a recent graduate of Northern Arizona and lives in Flagstaff with a cat, a rabbit and a pet mouse.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 32