The Powerless Pinky

By Lord Serious
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The Powerless Pinky is a fun tale that will help children develop a deeper appreciation for their individual self-worth, inspire them to use their natural talents, and cooperate with others. As they will soon learn from the Pinky, regardless of outward appearance, each individual has his or her own purpose in life. People should use their differences to complement one another instead of tear each other down. This is the only path to true peace.

About the Author

Lord Serious is from Chesapeake, Virginia. As a child he was very athletic and artistic, winning numerous contests in school for his artistic and writing skills. But he fell onto the wrong path and, working through numerous trials and hardships in his life, he decided to find his higher purpose. Lord Serious now tells stories that will inspire others and help them gain knowledge-of-self as he has done.

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