The Pigskin Covenant

By J. Bourne
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Could the world of football be involved in a conspiracy? Josh McKinnon, a journalist for the New York Herald, faces enormous odds as he tries to uncover the story of a lifetime. As he begins to unravel the conspiracy, he finds his life and the lives of his dearest friends to be in grave danger. Is the organization of the Pigskin Covenant too powerful for McKinnon? Can the public handle the disappointment of a football league conspiracy? Could you?

About the Author

J. Bourne is a fictional pen name chosen in part by a love of the writings of the great spy author Robert Ludlum. Bourne or McKinnon, whether real or fictional, have existed historically. Their names may not be known but their impact on our history and security exist without question. Many have helped us keep a level playing field. May we always hope a person like McKinnon will always be there to rise up to the challenge when freedom is under attack.

For those who would like a little knowledge about the author, he is an average individual who loves the mysteries and intrigue the world presents.

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