The Other Life Of Mary Abrams

By James Edwards III
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Five college students prepare for a trip to Washington DC through the State College of New York, with their knowledgeable professor, Dr. Luas Hans. Mary Abrams, Maggie Werks, Larry Daniels, Bill Moss and Glenn Taste plan to attend the 11 Day World Summit, a meeting of the world’s greatest political minds. These politicians will address and propose solutions to some of the most foreboding issues facing the world.

But from its onset, the students’ trip is plagued by strange occurrences, spanning unnatural events to dangerous and odd encounters. As the students begin to unlock the mysteries surrounding their trip, they realize that dangers come from the most unlikely places and that the answers to their most burning questions may just come from within themselves.

About the Author

James Edwards III grew up in a small Polish community that was liberal in their thinking. This allowed his imagination to flourish as a child. It was evident he would be a person of creative arts.

Edwards began writing in the 1980s, a 25 page booklet titled “How About Modeling,” and entered a short story writing contest for Ebony magazine. This later rolled into writing for the college newspaper because of his major of Broadcast Communication. He was also a UAW Union Representative. Edwards wrote for the union paper, drawing on his past experiences in writing. He broadened his horizons into songwriting and singing. By way of fate, Edwards became an actor and a model and was cast in T.D. Jakes’ Sparkle.

Now, Edwards is finally fulfilling his destiny of his high school exchange teacher from England who gave him an A in high school, which Edwards hadn’t had since elementary. This teacher told Edwards he should write for a profession. So Edwards wrote this novel, The Other Life of Mary Abrams.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 176

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James Edwards
excellent reading,with a great surprising plot

I would like to see this book on the big screen!