The Old Grey

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By Michael A. D’Anton IV 

The Old Grey is about a man who never knew what he would do in his life, and instead of going 

out into the world to discover his passion, he waited for the world to bring passion to him. 

He wastes his life waiting for something great to happen instead of making greatness 

happen. After years of this misery, he finds the light that guides him to a second chance of 

living his life in a way where he could be truly happy with himself. Learn the crucial life 

lesson that you can’t wait for life to go your way; you have to go out there and find 

something you love and make life the way you want it to be.

About the Author

When Michael A. D’Anton IV wrote this book, he was in the 

fifth grade, and he is now working his way into being a 

freshman in high school. D’Anton enjoys playing soccer, track, 

and cross-country. Writing is one of his favorite subjects in 

school, and he is inspired every day to accomplish great 

things. D’Anton has two siblings: an older sister, Ashley, and a 

younger brother, Trevor. He thanks his mom and dad for 

pushing him along the way to the creation of this book that 

he hopes will help people realize that it is never too late to 

turn your life around. He would also like to thank Mrs. Toal for 

sparking his interest in writing at an early age and for teaching 

him how to be both a better writer and person.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 42