The Nature Of Science Today-Denial Of The Truth "Forms" As Reality

By Dr. Frank Elbert Davis, III, M.D. FACS
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The Nature of Science Today-Denial of THE Truth Forms as Reality

The Nature of Science Today - Denial of THE Truth "Forms" as Reality focuses upon "the greater consciousness" of persons who have as their "Ideal self" "the will to truthfulness" and correlates that will with Christian men (and women) as opposed to "Natural Man," whose will is determined by some other, probably unconscious, "Ideal self."

A great failure scientists have committed today is their failure to "be truthful" or to will the identity of science to be that of truth "forms." Only through the will to have true verbal and mathematical descriptions of reality will we be able to achieve the "greater consciousness" of the "unified field."

Dr. Frank Elbert Davis, III, labels false fantasies as false superegos, and labels true beliefs as true superego identities, or true Freudian "identifications." Dr. Davis rejects the loss of boundary between the person and the ego, in current psychoanalysis, and the particles of mass and energy, in current physics. He discusses the "greater consciousness" that is Truth, citing "splits" in the works of Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein that lead to understanding as to why they did not achieve their goals of "structural development of personality" and the "unified field." This matter of "the greater consciousness," of truthfulness, when accomplished, provides the "unified field" as a factual or objective interpretation of reality based upon truth "forms," or real "identifications."

About the Author

Frank Elbert Davis, III, M.D. FACS, lives in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. He attended U.N.C. 1965-1973, receiving his A.B.(in Chemistry) and M.D. He was an intern at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and resident at the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, Norfolk, Virginia.

Dr. Davis is also the author of What's Your (Analyst's) Diagnosis? Truth (or Fantasy)? An Essay on Human Perception.

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Published: 2011
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