The Mystery Of The Weeping Friar

By DJ Park
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All is not as it appears in the art world of New Mexico – mystery surrounds the art dealers, the buyers, and even the pieces of art themselves, especially the legendary religious figurine known as the Weeping Friar. In this sequel to Gone Awry, Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent David Harroswen and his wife, Althia “Tee,” get swept up in the mysteries while visiting Tee’s sister. As more and more people try to get their hands on the Weeping Friar, more and more deadly chaos erupts.

The Mystery of the Weeping Friar is an engaging thriller that will have you enjoying the creativity and beauty of the art world while being horrified with the murder and mayhem surrounding it. This is a story not just about the sinister people who will do anything to get what they want, but also of the dedicated law enforcement officers who are trying to put an end to their crimes.

About the Author

Doug and Jan Parker (writing under the pen name DJ Park) enjoy outdoor activities, cooking, and music. They live in southwest Colorado.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 228