The Monster Mix-Up

By Victoria L. Johnson
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Are you afraid of monsters when the lights go out? Stephen and Kevin have a major problem they are quite sure that a monster lives down the hall, just waiting for them to go to sleep so it can stalk them and keep them awake all night long through sheer fright. The boys work together to form a plan to capture the monster and protect their family but find a huge surprise waiting for everyone when they spring the trap and actually catch the beast. In The Monster Mix-up, Victoria L. Johnson creates a clever story about growing and learning for children and their families to enjoy together. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victoria L. Johnson lives with her husband Steve and sons Stephen and Kevin in Swanton, Ohio. She enjoys collecting dolls, reading books, and spending time with her children. The material for this book is based on a true story as she explains, My boys did this to me one night. After I was sure they were asleep I wrote the book.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 42