The Miracle Of Christmas

By Jean C. Cooper
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Five-year-old Emily, an only child, is quite spoiled. Her parents give her everything she needs—and more – but she always wants more.

Christmas is coming soon, and Emily, like all children, cannot wait! Her list to Santa is so long that her parents pray for a miracle—a miracle that someday their child won’t be as spoiled.

One night Emily’s mother peeped through the blinds in her room and saw the biggest, brightest, most beautiful star she has ever seen. She doesn’t know why, but she suddenly drops to her knees and feels an overwhelming need to pray. Somehow, for some reason or another, she knows this strange experience is not to be shared. It is only meant for her. Could it be a wonderful Christmas miracle?

The Miracle of Christmas reminds us that Christmas is a time of deep gratitude, appreciation, and joy – it’s not about the presents.

About the Author

Jean C. Cooper was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She has been writing beautiful poetry for many years and now has been inspired to write books.

As a dedicated Christian, she believes God has given her the gift of writing to inspire all nations on earth. Her greatest desire is for everyone to walk in the divine purpose God has ordained for all of our lives.

In addition, Cooper also writes songs and plays.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 36