The Little Disease Carriers

By Fred Holpp
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Being a grandparent is a wonderful journey; the antics of grandkids recounted by Frederick Holpp in his book The Little Disease Carriers illustrate this point with both love and wit. Indeed these stories are told with the much-needed sense of humor. Such as the time Justin makes a very public disclosure about the existence of a very private part of his body. Very true but very embarrassing! Just as charming, and not nearly as embarrassing, is the time Mr. Holpp and his granddaughter go to A.G. Edwards to invest the change in her piggy bank. The young lady chooses stocks she is familiar with like her favorite fast food chains. When they go to Dairy Queen for lunch, the granddaughter explains to the employees that she is part owner of the franchise: her first lesson in high finance! Through the trials and tribulation, one thing never changes: Mr. Holpps love for his grandchildren. Grandparenting is a wonderful trip. Perhaps a little rough sometimes

About the Author

A native of Kentucky, Frederick Holpp holds a master of science from the University of Wyoming. A self-employed marketing specialist, his hobbies include travel and golf. He and his wife, Madelon, have raised two children.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 72