The Life And Times Of Marin Stein

By Marin Stein
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How do you survive when your entire world comes crashing down around you?

This is the situation Marin Stein finds herself in when FBI agents show up at her door to arrest her beloved husband and father of her children for allegedly laundering money in his business practices. Prior to that moment, Marin and her family had been living an idyllic life of lavish vacations and country club memberships, while in a beautiful home furnished with extravagant items. At first, putting one foot in front of the other seemed an unbearable task for Marin, but the personal and spiritual journey she embarks on in the years that follow will open her eyes to her own strength and independence as a woman.

About the Author

Marin Stein spent the early part of her marriage raising her family. Once her children were grown she had time to pursue her own interests including completing two Masters Degrees from Boston College, working as a Director of Faith Formation for a large urban Catholic parish, and traveling. Marin enjoys dancing, singing, gardening, and film. She is currently retired and lives in Massachusetts near her grandchildren. 

Published: 2017
Page Count: 60