The Joy In Michigan

By LaSonda Jordan
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About the Book

Five women face five different problems in life and love. Joy must choose between the sexy, passionate, but complicated man from her past or a fresh start with someone new. Diane must try to stop her daughter from walking down a dark road while being haunted with the memories of her own sordid past. Jennifer must take out the trash and rid herself of her cheating man before she loses herself in a bad relationship. Michelle must navigate a complex world where sexual identity is fluid and relationships face new challenges daily. April must face facts about who she really is—a man named Andrew.

The lives of these women intertwine in a small-town Arkansas, and by the end, none of them will be the same. They will learn about life, love, friendship, and relationships, and more importantly, they will learn about themselves. Drama goes hand-in-hand with the comedy of everyday life in this enchanting tale.

About the Author

LaShonda Jordan is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, though she has made her home in Tennessee her home since 1999. She has worked as a nurse for fourteen years, but writing has always been her passion. She escapes from the world in the words on the page, and she loves sharing the joy of a good story with everyone around her.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 182