The Journey

By Georgia Dingle
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Life will always have its twist and turns and its ups and downs. It's like a wheel that slowly yet surely turns, bringing unforgettable moments of joy, sadness, confusion, and surprise. At the end of it all, however, it will not be the events that will really count but rather the valuable gifts given and lessons learned that have contributed to our growth. These are the lessons The Journey shares with us.

The Journey imparts some of Georgia Dingle's most significant experiences in her life.

Starting from her childhood, her early yet unexpected marriage, and the blooming family and business life she had, Georgia Dingle shows us how life can and will deal us bad cards, yet with fortitude, we will be able to use it to our advantage.

As she met with experiences that forever changed her life, like her daughter's fight with Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Georgia Dingle discovers that through it all, God will always be the one to whom we will offer it all.

About the Author

Georgia Dingle was born in 1939 in South Carolina. She was inspired to write The Journey as her therapy during her daughter's sickness. She is a retired nurse and living at Cambria Heights, New York. She loves cooking and baking. She is happily married to Robert Dingle Sr., and they are blessed with lovely children named Velma, Robert Jr., Dathonie, Russell, Rodney, and Randy.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 58