The Heart Can Heal

By Pasqualina Denise Charles
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Many women suffer physical and emotional abuse. Most of these women are suffering in silence. In her touching and candid book, The Heart Can Heal, Pasqualina Denise Charles brings the issue of her own abuse out into the open. Sharing her own experiences, Charles details how she a seemingly strong, intelligent woman fell into the trap of an abusive relationship. She emphasizes that this can happen to any woman if she is not careful. Wanting to be an inspiration of others, Charles explains how she overcame this relationship, coming out of it a stronger person, and eventually starting a new relationship with a kind and loving man. Charles believes the prevention of abuse must start with children. Young boys must be taught to be nonviolent and respectful of women. Young girls must be taught to be respectful of themselves. By offering advice and help, Charles hopes to prevent or ease the abuse of countless others.

About the Author

A native of Louisiana, Pasqualina Denise Charles enjoys helping people, especially young children. She has an associates degree in early childhood education and works as a kindergarten tutor. She is married to Joseph Edward Charles, and they share two children: Jovan Shanise and Jonathan Edward. She wrote The Heart Can Heal in hope that it would show women the way out of abusive relationships.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 32