The Healer Within A Native Perspective On The Metaphysical Self

By Luis Tijerina
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Jobless, broke, and with nowhere specific to go in his life except plunging himself into the world of substance abuse, Luis Tijerina recounts the path he has taken to self-discovery, mastering the strength of his own person as well as his newfound heritage to help himself and many others rediscover the path to self-healing.

None of it came easy, by any measure. Those knowledgeable in Jungian analytic psychology will find familiar concepts in this work, but perhaps none in the way Luis applied them in conjunction with Native American practice, which may be startling to some people. Yet, as Luis confirms here, Jungs and the Native American philosophyor system, whatever one calls itare deeply related in some way.In a world lost to the trappings of hardcore science and the ways of traditional medicine, along with the mental attitude that these perpetuate, what Luis has found may not be a novelty for too long.

About the Author

Luis Tijerina is a native of Odessa, Texas. He started working in the field of computer technology right after graduating from high school. He opened an IT services business a few years later before he decided to work as a communications manager for an oil well services company. He married at the age of twenty-five and raised two children. He became the chief of the tribe in Trans-Pecos Region of Texas in 2005 and still acts as one to this day.

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Published: 2014
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