The Game Of Marriage

By Howard Hillegas
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Though his grandchildren became educated in many areas, one area Howard Hillegas still knows better is marriage. Howard, a wizened coalminer has long recognized marriage as a game. In The Game of Marriage he dispenses his knowledge and common plays found in this comedic couples’ game.

The author has happily spoken of this humorous game at weddings. Having been married for nearly sixty years, he is an expert in marital games. A wedding is a solemn affair, at which fifty percent of the people attending the event do not know the other half of guests. Reading and speaking of The Game of Marriage adds levity to the affair. Read this adult board book after any toasts with a reference to the groom. This will help turn the reception into a joyous time that will long be remembered! Give this book as a gift to the new couple to be treasured as a lasting memory of their happiness.

About the Author

Now in his eighties, Howard Hillegas was married for over fifty-six years. He has sadly been widowed for eight years. Together, he and his wife had four children. Howard started working in the mines in his early twenties, when carts were still pulled by mules. He worked as a mine inspector before retiring in his fifties.

Howard has camped in the all 49 continental states—he has even ventured to Hawaii, but didn’t camp. He has also traveled through Canada and Mexico. In addition to travel and jesting, he also enjoys writing, fishing, and spending time with his family.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 16