The Game Of Life Continues

By Dr. Barry Reiter
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Inspired by a visit to the cemetery and seeing the headstones of mostly unknown people, Dr. Barry Reiter began to question whatif anythingwas the value of their lives and life in general. This work represents Reiters philosophy of existence and presents life as a game, with playing fields, players objectives, and purpose. In The Game of Life Continues, all lives contribute to a life force of knowledge that will eventually enable players to fully understand life and creation.

About the Author

Dr. Barry Reiter was born in Brooklyn, New York. He studied piano and performed concerts until the age of sixteen, studying art on weekends. Although he attended the High School of Music and Art as an art major, he received a Bachelor of Science in math and science at City College of New York and a medical degree at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Reiter was in private practice in Cancer Chemotherapy and Hematology for over forty years in Northern New Jersey and is now retired.

This is his second published book, following the release of his 2009 novel, Gods Game.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 54