The Fish That Flew

By Aya McCurdy
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A fish, a bird, a star, and a wish. Have you ever heard of a fish that could fly? It’s impossible, right? Well come on a journey with this little fish that has big dreams, and who finds help in the most unlikely of places. Swim and fly along as this little fish learns that there is always someone who cares and that it is important to never stop dreaming. As this little fish will show you, there is nothing you can dream that you cannot do—just take it from the fish that flew!

About the Author

For as long as she can remember, author Aya McCurdy has loved the world around her. As a child she would disappear into the trees and explore nature. Since she was first able to hold a pencil, she loved to draw. Art is what she has chosen to pursue in life. She has studied graphic design and plans to continue these studies. She has also studied Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Throughout her life Aya McCurdy has overcome hardships in her personal life. She is a mother of three—two boys and one girl. Aya McCurdy continues to work towards a brighter future for her family and continues to study nature and the arts.


Spinning, twirling endlessly, though dizzy they may get

Fascination in everything, though little they expect.

Watching raindrops fall from high, but never asking how

Only splashing in the puddles that form to help them out.

Imagination running wild with innocence play

All the freedom in the world in the light of day.

Easily amazed it seems in life there is no end

To all the fun that’s unexplained so easy to pretend.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 32