The Falling Starfish: "Shimmer's Journey"

By Diane Romanowski and Aiyanna J. Cross
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About the Book

The Falling Starfish: Shimmers Journey is everything a childrens book should be. It is delightfully illustrated and hopeful. As a fallingnow fallen starwho landed in an unexpected place, Shimmer must adapt. In doing so, she makes new friends, earns self-confidence. The young reader will learn of the importance of all of friendship and courage along with Shimmer and her aquatic friends.

Follow Shimmer, the fallen star, and her friends in the Earths ocean on their journey under the sea. This bright and engaging tale is sure to please.

About the Author

The story of Shimmer and her friends arose out of the combined imaginations of Diane Romanowski and her then 8-year-old granddaughter, Aiyanna J. Cross. Watching the sky one night, the two saw a falling star through the picture window of their living room. Together, they crafted the tale of Shimmer as a positive message to children of all ages. Even adults will find an endearing message.

Diane Romanowski and Aiyanna J. Cross hope their readers will open their imaginations while readingThe Falling Starfish, and realize that all things are possible with a little faith.

Aiyanna J. Cross is also the illustrator of The Falling Starfish. She is delighted that the story of Shimmer is being published three years after creating the tale with her grandmother.

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