The Expendable Pawns Of The Sacrificial Knights

By Orwell Sterling
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Forever is a funny word when you are twenty. The fact is that forever only took about two years. I've thought about those days since then. Almost every day for the rest of my life. The women, the cars, the drinking, the laughing. Sure, it was a scary period, but damn it was exciting. All of us were just naïve kids at the start of it, but in just a couple of years not a one of us was unchanged, and more than a few would be…unfortunate accidents.

Taking a job as a DJ at a nearby nightclub, Chris stumbles into New Jersey’s world of organized crime, ingratiating himself with the bosses and joining the team. The sales team. With an eye on failing Chrysler stocks, a classic car club is assembled to drum up business. The young men in this club, drawn into the exciting life of travel and celebrity, unknowingly enter a perilous world occupied by powerful men. Unwittingly aiding the mob and enraging foreign stakeholders, forty-five guys begin a months-long convoy across the northeast. Chris, the Music Guy, drives the hype.

About the Author

Orwell Serling was born in Brooklyn in 1955 and raised in New Jersey. From a very young age, Serling has been involved in various aspects of the automotive business.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 372

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Angelo Furgazy
The expendable pawns of the sacrificial knights

Could not follow this book at all, the author is all over the place just another guy from the east coast trying to live his life as a want to be mafia wiseguy