The Elf Who Betrayed Santa Claus: A Readmeastoryplease Book

By Jack Jerome
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About the Book

Where might Santas reindeer come from, and if someone else knew, could they be poached?

This is a question that may not have been considered about the beloved childrens classic A Visit from St. Nicholas until now.

Its no secret that everybody in the world loves Santa Claus. Everybody, that is, except his cousin, Reginald Claus. Reginald absolutely hates all the attention that Santa gets, so much that he schemes of a way to take the credit for himself!

The fate of Christmas is in Reginalds hands when he figures out how he can capture Santas reindeer. But will his sneaky bad plan ruin Christmas for everyone?

About the Author

Jack Jerome and his wife, Diane, reside happily in Venice, Florida. They have eight grandchildren (who were inspirations for this book) and three great-grandchildren. In addition to reading and writing, his interests include golf, fishing, and the company of family and friends. Jack has also written two adult mystery novels.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 48