The Element-Men Origins & Beginnings

By George Scaramuccia
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When George’s cousin Richard begs him and three friends to help him out with a special project, George accepts, not knowing it will change the course of all of their lives forever. Little do they know that they will soon become the next experiment of the General, an evil mastermind with a passion for making super human soldiers for the government. Narrowly escaping the General’s grasp, the five friends decide to use their newly acquired powers for good, and become The Element-Men. Vowed to protect the world from evil, they now must face off against the world’s (and even other worlds’) most malicious villains.

About the Author

George Scaramuccia has loved superheroes and villains since childhood, having been an avid lover of comic books and cartoons. Over the years his love of the genre and passion for writing have spurred him to create the characters that appear in his book. When George is not writing, he enjoys cooking, spending time with family, and watching his favorite movie and television shows.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 74