The Dragoness Of Truth: Book One, School Of Dragons

By Stephenie Fay Corbin
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Eighteen-year-old Ara has just lost her parents. In the aftermath of their death, she finds strange and beautiful artifacts hidden away. With the sudden appearance of Ethan, an old friend of her parents, she begins to learn the incredible truth: Her parents were dragon royalty, a Fire and Water dragon, and she is the first and only offspring of dual lineage. Ethan tells her of a school for dragonkind, to learn to control their dragon forms and magic, and Ara takes a leap and attends.

Ara, along with her new friends, begins to learn all about being a dragon and mastering her powers. But as her powers grow, a darker force is watching, waiting for her to come into her own so he may claim her as his own and break a centuries’ long curse.

About the Author

Stephenie Fay Corbin resides in Central Pennsylvania. She has three silly dogs who help her with everything. She has loved dragons ever since she was little and has written stories since she was in the second grade. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and watching movies.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 98