The Dragon Who Became A Scout

By Terry Markoff
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After Fire Breath, a huge golden dragon, flies over a new and exciting land, he knows that he has finally discovered a place that he can call home. At first, the woodland creatures that inhabit this land embrace their new neighbor. They welcome Fire Breath with open hearts, arms, paws and wings. Unfortunately, after awhile, Fire Breath’s allergies begin to act up with disastrous results. Soon fearing for their own safety, fewer and fewer animals turn out to welcome him upon his daily visits.

Finally, he stops visiting them and spends most of each day watching over the forest from his perch atop the highest tree in the land. One day he notices something strange on the main trail that meanders through the forest. Little did he know how much his whole world would change as he flies down to take a closer look.

About the Author

Terry Markoff lives in McKinney, Texas. He worked in the public school sector for thirty-two years as both a teacher and principal. He has a beautiful wife, three children and five grandchildren. His grandchildren inspired him to create bedtime stories to read to them at night. They also informed their teachers that their grandfather was an author. Mr. Markoff now visits elementary and intermediate schools as a guest author/storyteller and encourages children to read and write for enjoyment.

Mr. Markoff is also the author of Mr. Funderburk Meets 5A; That Kid in Right Field; It’s Summer Vacation! Now What Do We Do? and Little Bunny Wins an Award. Mr. Markoff’s next book is a heartwarming tale about a sheltie that runs away from home to avoid a bath. The book features bilingual characters and is written in Spanish and English.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 48