The Direction Of Man: (Externalization Theory)

By David A. Clark
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In calculus the definition of a function is a rule of correspondence between two sets. Externalization theory postulates that a defined internal set of internal physiological function corresponds to an external set of creation in the environment: the pursuit of functional equivalency between both sets through externalizations and their refinements is the Direction of Man. The history of man is the incremental history of man externalizing the internal processes of his body to the environment and their ensuing refinements. The past 3000 years provides us with a history of mans achievements and externalization theory, which draws from significant accomplishments, predicts the direction and achievements of man for the next 3000 years. Consciousness (which has three main functions: cognition, purposive musculoskeletal movements and interpreting stimuli entering the senses) is born out of the total physiology of the interior which makes it the purveyor of externalizations. We are what we are biologically and we create what we are. We will not be able to transcend our existence until we have completely externalized our interior.

About the Author

David A. Clark resides in Pennsylvania. Just a few of his accolades include earning a degree in cognitive psychology from Temple University and serving as a member of the Eighth Special Forces unit in Panama as a medic. David enjoys painting and studying the works of Picasso and Van Gogh. By immersing himself in Picassos abstract works, he has been able to step outside of civilization and achieve a unique insight into the actual direction of man.

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Published: 2015
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