The Diary Of The Lost And Emotional

By Karoline Kurtz
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About the Book

The Diary of the Lost and Emotional is a collection of poems rich in deep down feelings in the face of life’s turmoil and experiences. The author notes that every person sees and feels things differently and sometimes it can be difficult to relate to the emotions others feel. We wish we could say the right things or do the right things to make them feel better, but we do not know how. This book was written to help the author understand the world around us, and in the hope that reader experiencing many of the same things can learn that they are not alone in their struggles. “You are never alone.”

About the Author

Karoline Kurtz is currently helping set up a small general store and a ranch for her lovely mother, helping her realize a long-held dream. Kurtz also wishes to begin her own animal shelter to take care and give love to all sorts of animals. Being the person who understands how it feels, she never could bear seeing animals mistreated when she is able to do something about it. With life being unpredictable, it is tough working full-time, but she manages to donate most of her earnings to homeless shelters and doing cookouts for those in need. Her mother always told told to leave a place better than she found it. If Kurtz sees a place that could use help, whether it be trash on the side of the road or a house burned to the ground, she steps in and always tries to help to the best of her ability for she can relate to how they feel.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 150