The Collective Poem Book

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About the Book

Venesa, Kadian, and Lauern Evans

The Collective Poem Book is a wonderful read, covering a wide range of emotions and subjects. It experiments with many different poetic forms to fit this large emotional range.

The tone ranges from pensive to joyous, such as in Amazing Day, where the wonders of nature are contemplated. Raindrops takes the concept of being one with nature to a new level and verges on the psychedelic. The narrator commands, Let us play raindrops / I am Heaven and you are / The Earth, / I am the sky and you are the / Land.

Romantic love is tackled with the vigor and passion the subject requires. In Admiring You, the narrator proclaims, Call me crazy, call me / Insane / But each time my heart / beat, it called out / your name.

This collection of works by Venesa, Kadian, and Lauern Evans is sure to resonate with every one of its readers.

About the Author

Earle Hibbert composed this collection of poetry with the help of Venesa, Kadian, and Lauern Evans. He is a native of Jamaica but currently resides in Cambria Heights, New York. He loves to travel, read, watch sports and gymnastics, and spend time with his family and friends.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 82