The Butterfly Earrings

By Mister Anthony T. Murray
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About the Book

The Butterfly Earrings is a charming story about a Jewish family facing the harsh realities of World War II. As the family makes a plan to split up and leave the country, the children gradually learn how long their parents and grandparents have been preparing for just such a time. The two twin girls, Elsa and Sarah, are given just one birthday gift a special set of exquisite earrings made by their beloved Grandpa Solomon. They are each instructed to carry just one of the unique butterfly earrings so that they will have a way to recognize each other when they are reunited someday. The family has gone to great lengths to persevere, but only time will tell if their efforts and their hope will be enough.

About the Author

Anthony T. Murray grew up in Europe during World War II himself. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1939, and was the fifth of sixteen children. Anthony had a strong interest in history and geography since his high school days at Mourne Road. After immigrating to Wales at age eighteen, he was employed with a team working on the construction of a power plant, but soon moved to Germany, back to Dublin, and later to Australia to work in the telephone and radio telephone industry. He and his wife, Adeline, have four children. Anthony is an avid reader and loves writing childrens stories.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 446