The Breath Of Regeneration

By Rev. Dr. Kenneth J Harrell Sr.
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The Breath of Regeneration: Its Power, Its Presence, and Its Motivation was written as author Rev. Dr. Kenneth J Harrell Sr. was focusing on completing his doctor of theology degree from the Eastern Bible Institute. His approach is to examine the theological position posed under the subject of regeneration, to show how this subject has had a profound effect on the practices of worship under the sovereignty of God, His grace and mercy for those who are disobedient as witness in the first sin.

Readers will learn some of the lessons learned by Adam and Eve as they traveled through the many storms they created after the first sin. Even after the sins committed, God remained with them throughout the hardship, distrust, disobedience, and even the first death of a loved one. They—and we—will live forever as His creations.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Kenneth J Harrell Sr. is a husband and the father of three beautiful children and grandfather of three very intelligent children, and he has now been blessed with five great-grandchildren. His hobbies are fishing, cooking, and sports.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 124