The Breach

By Clayton Kendall
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The Breach discusses the Abrahamic covenant in great detail. This includes topics such as the Judaic Scepter, Joseph’s Birthright, Mosaic Law, Israel and the Jews, and the Davidic covenant. The latter of which is the most misunderstood covenant in the Bible. Stating in particular, that King David was promised a physical king line that would retain an earthly kingdom that would reign supreme until Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, returns to rule the throne. This book documents the fulfillment of this promise and identifies who and where it is today.

The identity of Israel and the Jews is a subtheme, for without this knowledge the impetus of the book would be greatly diminished. Finally, all of this material relates to, and answers many questions about, the false rapture theory and the truth about the tribulation of antichrist.

About the Author

Clayton Kendall has pastored a nondenominational home church for twenty-five years. His education in theology has been through many years of self-study. He owes much gratitude to his late mentor Dr. Arnold Murray of Shepherd’s Chapel. This book is Pastor Kendall’s third published work and he has plans to continue writing, Lord willing. All of his books are of the spiritual genre.

Pastor Kendall has also owned and operated a stone masonry business since 1977 in North Dakota and Texas. He enjoys golfing, among various other hobbies. He has two sons, Clay and Chase, who work with him. They are the light of his life. 

Published: 2019
Page Count: 356