The Boy With The Red Shoes

By Katherine Mary Kraver
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A young boy awakes to the sound of horns and sprints through the makeshift camp, where he currently lives with his family. Once he arrives at the local marketplace, he sets up his handcrafted items on the curbside to sell to the tourists from the cruise ships. Selling the items is essential, as it is the only income for the boy and his family. Times have been tough for the boy and his family ever since an earthquake destroyed their home and community, but he is hopeful when he sees the tourists rushing towards him. Then the unexpected happens and he is quickly discouraged. Today is not going to go as planned for the boy. What will he tell his family if he comes home empty handed? The fate of this boy suddenly changes when he meets a young, unforgettable tourist the boy with the red shoes.

This story is based on some events that took place at a local marketplace in Haiti while Katherine Mary Kraver was touring with her family. This tale communicates the hardships that a young boy and his family face after being displaced from a natural disaster. It shares the boys coping skills through loss, separation, and recovery. Not only will this story take you on an emotional, heartfelt journey, but it reveals how a small act of kindness can inspire others in big ways.

Are you ready to walk a day in this young Haitian boys shoes?

About the Author

Katherine Mary Kraver, author of It Was Just a House, is an award-winning elementary teacher and avid traveler. She is writing childrens books about one experience that left the biggest impression on her from each of the countries she has visited around the world. There is no doubt that Katherine has an ear for the human story and the determination to bring awareness to these journeys through her books that are told from the perspective of a child. One of the largest hopes for her books is to bring the world to the laps of her readers in order to help them understand the hardships that are happening across the globe. She is dedicated to inspiring readers of all ages to become more empathetic and compassionate individuals. Katherine resides in Western Massachusetts with her family.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 42