The Book Of Darkness: The Cora Myers Series

By Victoria Alexandra
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About the Book

As the first book of The Cora Myers Series, The Book of Darkness follows Cora as she discovers her power of magyc. Soon, however, a mystical and powerful necklace turns her attentions to darke magyc. Her friends on both sides-good and evil-work and fight tosway her and her powerful magyc to either side. Follow Cora Myers and companions in the epic and complex battle of good and evil between the King and the last Protector to find the rightful heir. The Book of Darkness is the start of a unique and fantastical adventure, ideal for young adult readers.

About the Author

Victoria Alexandra was raised in Connecticut. Her family members include her parents,Richard and Cynthia, and sister, Elizabeth, to whom this book is dedicated to. In the tenth grade, Victoria started to work on book one of the series and finished her freshman year of college in 2011. In addition to fantasy-adventure literature, Victoria also enjoys mystery pieces and historical works. She is following her passion for writing and is attending college while working on a sequel to The Cora Myers Series. In addition to writing, Victoria also enjoys dancing and playing the piano and flute. She also understand the importance of helping her community and others. Victoria walks for the Cure of Diabetes yearly, as she was diagnosed with Type One diabetes in 2004.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 222