The Birthing Of A Jewish Heart: A Gentile Christian Discovers The Roots Of Her Faith

By Ann Ivey
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Having accepted Jesus Christ early, Ann Ivey should have been a contented Christian throughout her life. Mainstream church, however, soon cause her to question popular Christian practices. Thus, a weary heart pushed Ann to study the Bible herself. Among the first things she learned is that no matter how Christians may believe, the Jewish people will always be at the center of Gods plan of salvation. As she would discover, even Jesus Christ himself lived and died a Jew to the end. Christians would do well to consider the story of Ruth. Although a Gentile, she would eventually become a part of the Jewish history, even becoming the great grandmother of King David and the ancestress of Jesus Christ himself.

About the Author

Ann Ivey has been a student of the Bible for forty-two years. She has a degree in nursing out of a desire to help people. She served America as a first lieutenant in the Air Force; she and her husband, Larry, spent twenty-three years in the Army, retiring in 1993. Ann has received the Commanders Award for her years of community and church service. She is a breast cancer survivor. Ann is sixty-five years old.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 30