The Arborist Poet

By Jack Brazeal
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My name is Jack Brazeal and I am a Christian, a certified arborist, a registered consulting arborist, and I am the arborist poet. In my career of over five decades working and caring for trees, I have climbed and pruned thousands of trees including, but not limited to: pink dogwoods and magnolia trees in the deep south, palo verde and mesquite trees in the southwest desert, large blue gum eucalyptus trees in southern California, and logged the giant sequoia redwood trees in the great northwest. The Arborist Poet is about some of the things that have happened in my lifelong career working with trees. I have learned to appreciate the positive contributions that trees make to our environment and to our everyday lives. Without trees, this old world would not be the same as we know it today. So hug a tree every now and then, it will make you feel good. Thank you, and enjoy The Arborist Poet.

About the Author

Jack Brazeal spent four decades working as an arborist. Originally from Opossum Kingdom, South Carolina, Brazeal’s favorite pastimes in his youth included exploring the deep woods, creeks, and streams that seemed to be everywhere Brazeal moved to. Fishing and hunting came naturally to Brazeal and his brothers, for not only was it a fun thing to do, it was a necessity for providing food on the family supper table. These many adventures in the outdoors inevitably led to Brazeal’s success as an arborist.

Published: 2005
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