The Apple Pie Kids

By Angela M. Holston-Holloway
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Just like your parents have a lot of love for you, Mr. And Mrs. McIntosh loved their apple trees very, very much. One night, they wished on a bright, unusual star that some day they might have real children to love as they loved their apple trees. Little did they know, their wish was granted by the special star, and their apples were changed into real children. Just as there were many different kinds of apple trees, their children were very different in color, shape, and size. Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh could not have been happier, but Mrs. McIntosh wondered how they should be able to care for all the new children. Will the special star grant another wish and provide help for Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh? Read The Apple Pie Kids by Angela M. Holston-Holloway to find out.

About the Author

Angela M. Holston-Holloway currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband Charles. They have four children: Luevenia, Angela, Charles Jr., and Melissa. In her community, Angela has been a member of Specialize Wheelchair Organization since 1998. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys creating new recipes, making patterns, and caring for her grandchildren. The Apple Pie Kids is her first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32